Designed for the RSA Creative Conditions competition, ‘Wander Haus’ is a concept space that would be installed in local parks in London. Based on human-centred research and playful intuition, this space provides conditions that encourage and nurture creative thinking and innovation.

Given the broad nature of the assigned brief, I undertook substantial research into creativity and its impacts on daily life. I quickly learned about the positive effects of daydreaming and taking a meaningful break had on increasing creativity, and thus decided to create a space targeted at office workers who were in need of imaginative and meditative moments of reprieve. Since many office workers have a strong and often repetitive daily routine that, in a way, limits their creative capacities, Wander Haus is designed to help them break out of this cycle of monotony.

There is also a considerable amount of research to support the positive effects of exposure to nature on creativity, and more critically, on overall health and wellbeing. As such, Wander Haus's would be located in parks. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes, the structure would be robust, modular, and mobile so Wander Haus could be constructed and deconstructed in parks around London, as required. These structures can be easily expanded as demand increases and accommodate comfortable interiors to help clients relax. The abstracted viewpoints allow users to drift away into their thoughts since there is a limited motion of objects from this perspective. At the same time, the view is more stimulating than staring at a blank wall.  

Journey Map

At office user check an app to see where nearly 'Wander Haus' installation are. With a group of co-worker or on their own they walk to the park.

Concept collage.

Concept for interior space.

Redering of top view.

Model: close up.

Model: top view.

Model: inside showing quote on translucent path provide queues to the user.

Diagrams and exploded axonometric.

Sketches showing how the modular structure could be used in different combinations in different parks.

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