‘Threshold’ is a gallery-inspired concept project for a gateway into Grange Park. Through this pavilion, I wanted to frame the beauty of the park and create something to shift people’s focus from the chaotic streets of downtown to the organic abundances of the park.

As a pedestrian approaches, up until they reach the threshold, all focus is on the magnitude and boldness of the form. Once the users enter the space, however, their focus quickly shifts to the framed beauty in between the bright red walls. Since the form is so simple, it has to be bold: the bright red of the structure contrasts the green of the foliage in the park. The frame motif was inspired by the artistic influences surrounding Grange Park, including the Art Gallery of Ontario and OCAD University. The flat topography allows you to see a large expanse of the park all at once. The two gateways of varying sizes provide different perspectives on the park. Since the base of the frame is raised to emphasise the complete perimeter, a ramp connecting the two sides was included to help to accommodate most users and bicyclists.

This threshold continues beyond its own boundaries to illuminate all the paths that serve as exits through the park (for example, Beverly, John, McCaul). Prior to this design, many users had expressed their concerns regarding safety in the park at night. To alleviate this, I designed illuminating border to each path, which are then connected to the primary structure. Using the same bright red materiality, these act as a guiding light promoting park safety and usability in the evening hours. Each gateway has screens that pull down to allow artists (like those at Nuit Blanche, AGO, OCAD, galleries) to project work, and are open for public use for community events. 

East Elevation

Site Plan


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