Render of 127 Hughson from Cannon St E and Hughson St N corner.


Project site is located at 127 Hughson St N in downtown Hamilton, ON. Buildings dates from 1929 and was original used as a garment factory.


GrowUp at 127 Hughson St N in Hamilton, ON started as an urban design methodology for how existing cities can be adapted to facilitate the regeneration of the urban environment while empowering inhabitants of all socio-economic backgrounds to live enriched, meaningful lives by integrating adaptability and localisation of resources. This includes localising the food supply and reducing food miles through urban farming, affordable, decent housing through co-living environments, and providing enrichment spaces for the residence as well as the general public. The site's proximity to James St. N where Hamilton’s Art Crawl occurs monthly lends itself to a program centred around art and design.

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