Temple Lacon (Nov 2015) - Rendering from Streetview

‘Temple Lacon’ is an elevated concept space for an urban integrated 2-person meditative sanctuary, based on the idea of sensory deprivation as a form of mediation. The rough materiality is nestled away in a Toronto alley, leading users away from the busy street.

I always find that when I experience true happiness, it isn't from something new I have gained but from a change in perspective on what I already have. The shift in awareness makes me realise all of the wonderful things I have to be thankful for and makes me appreciative of what I already have.  This temple design embodies the idea of laughter and happiness as the user transitions out of the space. The space itself is designed to deprive the user of all sense except for touch. The focus on touch is intended to help the user reconnect with their body.

Within this space, two people come together to experience an exercise in introspection facilitated by sensory deprivation. First, each person will enter from an opposite side. Inside, each participant moves through a transitional space with thin fabric-like walls without knowing where the other person is situated. Body heat is transmitted through the material so the other person can only sense the presence of their partner through touch. From having almost all senses deprived, the participants may experience a sense of relief as all of their senses rush back to them once they exit the space. All of their senses are heightened, and they start to notice the little things around them, including the beautiful details now brought to the fore due to their newfound sensory awareness.

Temple Lacon (Nov 2015) - Rendering from Back Alley

Top View

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